Scrum Monsters

One reason I hate traditional PMO is because they got in the way (notice this is past tense ;) They would sporadically insert themselves into the deeply complex conversations about what’s really going on, assume to understand it, then send some garbled message to higher-ups that only further burdens the Dev teams with the task of unwinding it. Painful.

As a process guy the logical observation was to just cut-out the middle man, which I have done. On my team I dont have 3 layers of “governance”: scrum master, project mgr and PMO. I fold all that into one role I call the Scrum Monster. Those who know best manage the distant roadmap projects for just their team(s) in a collaborative data space, not some outsider with unrealistic dates. In this way I get a living resource map, rolled up enterprise-wide, from those who know best.

Traditional scrum masters engage in 3 layers of planning: daily scrums, sprints and release plans. I add one more layer: the roadmap for their team. Scrum Monsters manage the roadmap expectations of their teams exactly as they manage expectations for projects and sprints.